STANGHELLINI S.R.L. Thanks to his forty years of experience, he has achieved a privileged position specializing in the design and construction of aspiration and purification plants. Testimonials of our success are the quality and reliability of the most prestigious brands in the market, further improving our service to the customer.

STANGHELLINI S.R.L. Is a company capable of studying all your problems and seeking solutions that meet the most varied needs in the various sectors of plant engineering. Each designed system is tailor-made and tailor-made according to customer's specific requirements and all systems comply with European regulations regarding atmospheric pollution and environmental impact. We are always up-to-date with increasingly stringent regulations, with the need for saving and recovering the energy of materials derived from machining waste.

STANGHELLINI S.R.L. Offers for the suction plant the fregiovae design, construction and installation, satisfying any sector of the small carpentry industry to the big industry. A wide assortment of exhausted aspirators, sleeve filters, suction pads, accessories, galvanized sheet metal parts and flexible pipes are always available at the warehouse.






STANGHELLINI S.R.L. Is aimed in particular at the evolution of technological processes and is always eager to improve all their products marketed to meet the growing demand for painting, indispensable for the protection of health and the environment. Company trades and installs, Thanks to its specialized staff, complete systems, cabins, pumps and guns for painting wood materials and is able to meet all customer needs. It meets the needs of companies of any size, from craftsmen to industries. With the experience gained over the years and having effective and steady technical support, it is always at the full disposal of the customer before and after the sale.

STANGHELLINI S.R.L. Thanks to its specialization, it sells and manufactures paint booths and plants in collaboration with the best producers in the industry. Today it is a leading company for the seriousness, friendliness and competence of its technicians.

STANGHELLINI S.R.L. Sells dry and water-based paint booths in various models and sizes, pressurized booths, pumps suction pumps and dumpers, manual and automatic air handling systems, surface brushing machines, paint pumps, trolleys Drying and handling, flow coating tanks and special systems specially designed for specific customer needs.








STANGHELLINI S.R.L. Builds thermal plants using the best manufacturers, is equipped with a team of qualified technicians who, without any economic commitment, examines the demands and needs of the customer by drawing up a budget for the work to be done. Our strengths are hot-air generators fueled with solid fuel, and in particular wood waste (shavings, sawdust, dust, chips, various pieces, etc ...) both manual and automatic loading that are particularly used for heating heating Industrial environments. The main line is dedicated to the use of solid fuels, in particular biomass from woodworking waste; Of conventional fuels such as diesel and gas.

STANGHELLINI S.R.L. Has a wide range of wood, chipboard and pellet boiler stores. Our company has fitters that can be installed in full autonomy of Atex Fire Extinguishers, Flue Tubes, Ventilation Ducts and all necessary components and effectively complete the plant. Modern combustion systems for wood can completely replace gas or gas boilers. The comparison term today is a high quality standard for performance and ecological combustion. Wood is an ideal energy storage, clean and convenient to store.

STANGHELLINI S.R.L. For over thirty years he works with professionalism in the field of heating. Over the past decade, we have focused our attention on alternative heating systems. The constant search for ever-evolving systems has enabled us today to offer our customers a complete panorama of possibilities that are well suited to the most diverse needs. All in order to guarantee the customer maximum savings in terms of heating costs but with respect for the environment.







STANGHELLINI S.R.L. Operates in the compressed air sector as the best-brand air compressor dealer, has an original spare parts warehouse, lubricants and a wide assortment of new and used ready-to-use compressors. The range of spare parts for our commercials is wide, but we are also able to find spare parts and repairs on the compressors of all brands.

STANGHELLINI S.R.L. In addition to commercialization, installation and technical assistance on piston and screw compressor compressors, produces centralized air distribution systems and is equipped for the sale of high pressure cleaners, power generators, driers, fittings, tubes and pneumatic tools.

STANGHELLINI S.R.L. Commercial pneumatic compressors (professional and hobby), silenced pistons, screw rotators, accessories, compressed air tools, dryers, tanks. Choosing a compressor from us is important because we offer, best value for money, continuous innovation, advice for any use, distribution center and after sales service, environmentally friendly and safety products.


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