There are many places on earth where you can admire the beauty of nature, but nowhere else in the world does nature express itself with such force. Colonel Francis Younghusband in 1887 was the first European to cross the Musthag Pass and was petrified by that sudden appearance. Since then, generations of climbers have experienced the same emotions. K2 is the symbol of might and elegance, with six faces and as many ridges along which the ascent routes develop.




Centrale del latte Valle D’Aosta – Comune di Courmayeur – Comunità Montana Valdigne Mont Blanc – Regione autonoma Valle D’Aosta – Società delle guide alpine di Courmayeur – Sergio Tacchini – Omnitel.




Brekka – Casio – Clinique – Ferrino – Grivel – Icom – Isard – Leica – Killer – Loop – L’Europea – Mico – Olcese – Olympus – Ostinelli – 4810 – Revo – Salomon – Stanghellini – U.V.G.A.M. – Whitehall – Zeiss.




The team made up of six Aosta Valley mountain guides: Edmond Joyeusaz – Abele Blanc – Arnaud Clavel – Adriano Favre – Alessandro Ollier – Marco Barmasse.




A mythical goal, the dream of generations of mountaineers defeated by difficulties stronger than talent and preparation. An important and daring mountaineering program. TV and the press will make it accessible to the eyes of the world. We will reach the summit along the south / south-west ridge called Magic Line, the longest and most demanding route of K2 which develops over 3500 meters in altitude. Its technical content is of the highest level and it has only been traveled once to the summit after having rejected numerous expeditions led by highly experienced climbers. The base camp will be set up at 5100 meters. The five high-altitude fields will be necessary to make the climb that will be done without the aid of oxygen. Edmond Joyeusaz and Marco Barmasse will descend from K2 on skis, along the Sperone of Abruzzi. No one has ever attempted such a feat before them.



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