Trading in machines and equipping for working of the used new wood. Compressing establishments of suction, heating and painting.




    STANGHELLINI BRUNO, ORAZIO, NICOLA S.r.l has been dealing in the woodworking machine sector for over forty years. Set up as a one-person business by Mr Stanghellini Bruno and his wife Luisa back in 1977, it then developed into a Limited Company (S.r.l.) when Orazio and Nicola, the sons, joined their parents’ business. Through the years, along with its development as a business, the Company has also acquired more and more expertise.




    The new and modern premises of STANGHELLINI BRUNO, ORAZIO, NICOLA S.r.l cover an area of 10,000 square metres. The Company provides full assistance, from the very first to the final step, the young and dynamic staff dealing personally with the customers and being directly in charge of order acquisition, payments, deliveries, before- and after-sale service.




    STANGHELLINI BRUNO, ORAZIO, NICOLA S.r.l also provides consultancy in the woodworking field, offering the best brands in the market. The Company is a leading one in the sector and its importance in the activity has been growing fast thanks to the constant commitment to provide the most innovative technologies and to satisfy the real production needs of its customers. The Company’s catalogue shows a wide range of machinery and tooling products which may be viewed in the show room and are always available for immediate delivery.

    STANGHELLINI BRUNO, ORAZIO, NICOLA S.r.l can also purchase your used equipment, which enables the Company to supply a wide range of rebuilt and complying machines, besides the new.

    RELATIONSHIPS WITH THE CUSTOMER. For over forty years our belief has always been that work is where you teach and learn honesty. Our competence and our intuition – fundamental in a modern business – enable us to be in first position both in the Italian and in the foreign market.






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